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Baby Ticker

by slicefactory

Watch your baby grow as you countdown the days of your pregnancy with the Baby Ticker!

Congratulations, you're expecting a baby!

The Baby Ticker is a fun way to count down the days to your baby's birth date. Week-by-week as your pregnancy date approaches you'll see the baby ticker grow and develop, matching your own baby's development. It's amazing to see your baby grow from a fetus as it develops tiny arms, legs, fingers and toes. Like any happy bouncing baby, the baby ticker baby will move around. Mom's who are in there second or third trimester can attest to that!

Customize the baby ticker widget with your own name and pregnancy due date
Twins, triplets, quadruplets and more can also be specified in the widget variables.

Baby Ticker extension includes a unique feature provided by its partner The Best Price: always get the lowest price while you shop! Save time and money and never buy at the wrong price again.
Note: this extension may contain or suggest following optional features.
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