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by slicefactory

Subscribe to your favorite websites in one click! Add customized RSS feed readers into your Chrome icons.

Forget bookmarks and add your favorite websites to your favorite browser!

RSS Subscribe will:

 * auto-detect RSS feeds on the website you're reading
 * show a discreet address bar invitation to add the website as a new reader
 * when clicked, the site becomes a dynamic browser icon, pushing last content updates as Chrome notifications.

Each feed reader gets following features:

 * custom reader using source website favicon and RSS feeds
 * dynamic badge, showing the nb of unread articles
 * real-time content notifications (can be turned off)
 * topics customization
 * bookmarking / read later features

This extension uses Extension Factory: http://builder.extensionfactory.com, a great free service that allows anyone to create a cross-browser extension from any RSS feed.

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Note: this extension may contain or suggest following optional features.
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