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by slicefactory

iChrome allows you to bookmark and browse any iPhone version of a website. It's a cool way to stay connected with your favorite sites and use them as widgets, in one click.

Many websites now have a mobile or iPhone version of their service. iChrome emulates an iPhone and provides you with a quick dashboard for all of them!

Bookmark sites in your "iChrome bookmarks" directory and they will appear in your iChrome dashboard. Change and delete them like regular bookmarks.

iChrome comes pre-loaded with a few famous services:
 * Yahoo
 * Facebook
 * Delicious
 * Amazon
 * eBay
 * Flickr
 * IMDb
 * Weather.com
 * Zoho
 * TV Guide
 * FMyLife

An address bar in the extension allows to type in any mobile URL on the fly.

Feel free to send your suggestions! Drop us a comment here.
Note: this extension may contain or suggest following optional features.
By nypuertorico59 (8 months, 3 weeks ago)

add download chorme for tabeles

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