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Welcome to the Extension Factory Promotional Network, the first banner-exchange network for browser extensions! A free, non-commercial service to gain more users by advertising other useful extensions. Just add a simple script handler in your extension and get as many ads as your extension can provide - based on generated click for greatest fairness!

How does it work?

  • Add our 'promo' script to your extension, and a placeholder where you want the banner to appear. You can select extensions you do not want to advertise.
  • We automatically create the icon, text, and name in the banner using your localized information on the webstore, but you can customize all of them.
  • We keep count of how many times your extension displays a banner, and how many times some of your users click on them.
  • You gain a credit based on the number of clicks you generate: your extension banner will be displayed on the network for as long as it takes for you to go on-par with your clicks!
  • If you have several extensions the click count can be cumulated, so that you can exploit your successful extensions to push for your new ones. Once you are registered and have activated your banners, you can come here and view the stats of clicks, displays and installs of your extensions!



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If you want to join, please request a beta account including a link to your chrome extension on the webstore.